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We have a great deal of experience developing software applications primarily using Microsoft .Net languages and related technologies. We have worked with numerous companies based in a variety of different business sectors which has allowed us to gain a good all round understanding of what is required in the design, development and implementation of a successful software solution.


Solutions tailored to your needs

The requirements for a software solution are sometimes hard to define from the outset and can often change during development. That is why we approach all software development projects with the agile methodology in mind to encourage continuous improvement and a rapid and flexible response to any change in requirements.

We have often found, that by breaking down projects into smaller parts developed and delivered in planned iterative stages, both improves the quality of the overall solution as well as the time required to complete the project as a whole.


What are the benefits of a bespoke software solution?

Companies adopting an off-the-shelf software application have potentially had to change their systems or processes to fit with the software available. Bespoke software applications are designed and tailored to meet your individual needs. You may only be using a fraction of your licensed software, but paying a premium for the whole package. With a bespoke solution, you don’t need to buy more licenses as your team grows, and you only pay for the functionality you need. However, if you realise you need further functionality, this can be developed as you require it, rather than having to upgrade to a more expensive package or having unnecessary functionality and layout upgrades periodically thrown at you.

There’s a perception that developing a bespoke software application is expensive, time-consuming and complex. However, the reality is: if you are working with a professional software development company, as the customer, you should find the process straightforward and the end result well worth any extra investment.  

Also, in light of the ever-changing nature of technology, the associated ongoing systems support provides another advantage of working with a specific software developer, as does the ongoing support and maintenance, as regular upgrades and new product iterations become available. 


Is it time to seek out a bespoke solution?

At Titan Webtech, we will work with you to understand what you are trying to achieve, and what the overall system requirements and capabilities need to be. No longer will you have to have to adapt your working practices to meet  the functionality of a ‘one-size-fits-all’, off-the-shelf software application.  

We predominantly develop software applications using Microsoft technologies such as ASP.NET (Forms and MVC), SQL Server, Web API and Entity Framework. Software solutions built using the Microsoft .Net Framework are secure, scalable, reliable and maintainable making it an excellent choice for businesses big and small.

So if you are looking for an E-commerce solution, CRM or project management system, productivity tools, website plugins or a completely bespoke software solution for your business then get in touch to find out how we can help.

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