Equicantis – Animal Exercise Prescription App

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Equicantis is an SaaS (Software as a Service) based application for equine and canine physical therapists, to design and issue exercise plans for their clients. It has been created by Titan Webtech in collaboration with UK equine physical therapist Laura Clinton.


What is Equicantis?

Equicantis is a business that provides a software application for equine and canine physical therapists, to design and issue exercise plans for their clients. It has been created by UK software development team Titan Webtech in collaboration with UK equine physical therapist Laura Clinton. It’s aimed at both equine and canine practitioners and the app has been developed using Umbraco Cloud as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. 


Identify the challenge

The road to recovery for many animals can be a long and complex one, with rehabilitation programmes sometimes being a matter of months or years, rather than simply weeks. Equine and canine physical therapists face a variety of challenges when collating and implementing their treatment programmes.  Several key aspects of their roles needed to be addressed and incorporated into any new software app for the sector. In this way technology will help to transform how practitioners carry out core tasks, such as prescribing exercise, for example. Handwriting or typing out exercise plans can take up a great deal of valuable time. Explanation too can be time consuming, so to improve client exercise quality, it is beneficial to be able to watch exercise videos, to help them perfect the rehab exercises that have been prescribed for their horse or dog. Linking these aspects together into a single solution became the principle thinking behind Equicantis.


Developing the solution

Titan Webtech teamed up with physical therapist Laura Clinton to find a solution that would address these issues that would be compatible, convenient and intuitive to use. Equicantis’ founder Laura is an Equine Sports Massage and Musculoskeletal Manipulation Therapist. The application has been developed using a variety of technologies that enables it to work on all devices – phones, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs etc – and is also compatible across these devices too. The use of SaaS as a method of software delivery and licensing allows the software to be accessed online via a subscription. This means that both client and therapist are able to work across multiple platforms, whenever and wherever they need to, and the app doesn’t have to be bought and installed on each individual computer.


The Equicantis app can be used to generate a range of professional exercise plans using its library of stock images, videos and exercise descriptions, which can then be emailed to clients with an easily accessed pdf or weblink. Therapists can also tailor the plans, which are fully customisable, and add their own exercises. The therapists can also edit sets and repetitions, and add documents, notes and x-rays, as required. Aspects such as the digital exercise plan help to give an additional professional element to any equine/canine therapy business and also provides their clients peace of mind. The programme is straightforward and intuitive to navigate and is available for use via a monthly or annual subscription. It offers reassurance and stability to both therapist and owner, which will obviously of course benefit the animal itself too.


The outcome

The story of Equicantis is about how Titan Webtech worked in collaboration with specialist Laura and helped bring a great idea to life, using SaaS to its best advantage. Our approach to the development project was influenced by our experience in developing several bespoke applications over a number of years. As Umbraco partners, and certified experts, we knew Umbraco Cloud would be an ideal choice for the project as it provides an ideal framework for these styles of applications.


Laura Clinton, the founder of Equicantis: “Working with Titan Webtech has allowed me to realise a concept I’ve been thinking about for some time. I’ve been practising for over 10 years and have always worked with pen and paper. However, I was aware that times are changing and I really wanted to provide my clients with a service that kept everything simple, but was also compatible across several platforms. Clients would often lose the sheet of paper I’d left, so would forget the instructional exercises, or the exercises they carried out didn’t conform exactly to the rehab treatment programme. Having the Equicantis app on a SaaS platform has made a world of difference to my clients and the feedback has been very encouraging and complimentary.”


Here is some of the feedback Laura and the Equicantis app has received:


“I have been using the Equicantis exercise plans that my physio sent post-treatment and they've been great. Super easy to use and really handy to be able to access them on my phone, especially to watch the exercise videos and check that I'm doing them correctly, so that they are benefitting my horses.”

Fiona Hulme, British Dressage Coach


“I came across Equicantis having searched for software similar to that I use for my human clients and was so pleased to find a prescriptive software for both horses and dogs. The system is fully adaptable, so I am able to choose which exercises to prescribe, then choose whether to customise the accompanying videos, photos and descriptions provided by Equicantis, or create my own. Feedback from all my owners so far has been fantastic, it’s a great piece of software”.

Rebecca Fry, RKF Chiropractic


“I’m really impressed with Equicantis. I now have the confidence that I can leave my client knowing the exercises will be carried out correctly and effectively. The programme is very easy to use and clients have commented on how professional it looks.”

Jessica Jones, Veterinary Physiotherapist


“Equicantis had brought something into my practice that I never knew I needed! The exercise and rehabilitation plans are so easy to create and there are plenty of fantastic exercise videos to send to clients, and they love having them to refer back to. All of my clients’ rehab plans are stored so I can adapt and plan the next step in their programmes. I can also store templates, meaning I don't have to create similar programmes time and time again. It's professional, easy to use and saves me time.”

Claire Ford, Veterinary Physiotherapy


“As an Equine Physiotherapist, I’m really glad that I made the decision to subscribe to Equicantis. My clients especially love the videos and detailed descriptions included in their tailored exercise plans. As a busy mobile therapist with a tightly run schedule, I also really value how Equicantis is helping me to save time on a daily basis. Equicantis is a great feature to add to your practice, especially if you are looking to speed up and professionalise your admin.”

Lea Edwards, LTE Equine Veterinary Physiotherapy


Equicantis – Animal Exercise Prescription App

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