Final minor release for Umbraco v8

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Umbraco have released v8.18 which will be the final minor release for version 8 of their popular Umbraco CMS product.

With the release of v8.18, Umbraco 8 is now taking it's first steps towards retirement! After this release there will be no new features for this version of the CMS (largely due to the release of Umbraco 9!) although as it is a LTS (long term support) version of the product there will be future patch releases for security and general support updates.

There are several new features and improvements to existing functionality in v8.18, most notably:

  • History clean up
  • Examine Dashboard improvements
  • Updated Log Viewer
  • Package Telemetry
  • Health check improvements
  • Changes to member properties layout


What does this mean for people still using Umbraco 8?

As v8.18 will be a long term support version it means Umbraco have committed to providing patches for the next 2 years. After this point Umbraco 8 will enter "security phase" which means any further patches released for it will be security fixes only. This will last for one year before Umbraco 8 finally reaches EOL (end of life) in February 2025.

No new features or functionally will now be released for Umbraco 8 so we would advise planning on migrating existing websites to the latest major version (v9).


Looking to upgrade to Umbraco 9?

If you have an existing Umbraco 8 website and you would like to discuss what would be involved in migrating to Umbraco 9 then get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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