A finalist in the Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards!


Our very own Auron Polo has been announced as a finalist in the West Cheshire and North Wales Chamber of Commerce Annual Recognition Awards in the category of Young Person/Apprentice of the Year Awards!

Auron joined the team last year on a work placement as part of his BSc Software Engineering degree from the University of Chester and has continued with us part-time alongside his final year studies. We were so impressed with how he had grown and excelled as a Software Developer that we decided to nominate him.

We (Titan Webtech) have been members of the Chamber of Commerce for the last three years and we’re delighted that Auron has been selected as a finalist.

Auron has been an integral part of the team that has designed and developed our first in-house product - Equicantis, a new web application developed using Umbraco Cloud. For Auron it involved learning how to use the CMS as well as using C#, ASP.Net MVC 5, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, MDB.

As well as working on Equicantis he has spent a lot of time working on a large online retail website processing change requests and support tickets that have been raised by the customer. He also took ownership of a project to improve the website’s performance for Google’s latest Core Web Vitals (CWV) algorithm change. This project required a significant amount of in-depth research to fully understand the effects CWV will have on the website and how best to implement changes across several sections of the website. By the end of the project the customer’s CWV score had significantly improved due to the work Auron had done.

During his time at Titan Webtech Auron has also taken on several projects to improve the company’s efficiency and productivity. One of these was reviewing the deployment processes used and looking at using new software like Octopus Deploy and build automation with pipelines and packages to make the whole deployment process more efficient. As he has grown in confidence, he has also taken on responsibility for deploying fixes to live customer facing websites, liaising directly with the Umbraco support team to resolve issues on Umbraco Cloud, suggesting changes/improvements for websites and applications as well as helping other members of the team get up to speed with projects.

We look forward to the winners being announced at the Annual Ball and Recognition Awards Ceremony on 12th November! Good luck Auron!

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